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See a list of our Resources - all brochures, articles and instruction sheets are available for you to download and use within your community.

Annual reports

Read our annual reports for annual updates - they are found on About IEWF.

Older news - 2015 and earlier

Greater Sydney Landcare Network (GSLN) is set up, incorporated, running activities and held its 1st AGM. We have a wonderful committee, have won funding from a number of sources and have run our 1st across region events. "Source to Sea" in May was fabulous and did a lot to promote landcare and bushcare. See website greatersydneylandcare.org for more deatils. Our representative Bev Debrincat was on the steering committee, has since been elected to the committee and is also representing GSLN and greater Sydney on the Landcare NSW Council.

Habitat Network has had a lot of success - with numerous sightings of small birds nesting and living amongst planted habitat islands in both Hunter's Hill and Ryde. We continue to expand small bird habitat corridors and encourage others to do the same.

We started a new community engagement and habitat corridor project in Ryde - along Shrimpton's Creek. Greater Sydney Local Land Services has funded us to produce some brochures and stickers. The project includes door knocking, backyard planting, planting days along Shrimpton's Creek and also workshops and other activities. To get involved email us on [email protected].

The Habitat community native plant nursery is going from strength to strength with a wide range of volunteers working together to grow community and plants see the Habitat Network Activity Photos page. Through The Habitat we are continuing the promotion of planting habitat, sustainable gardening, weed management and bushcare/landcare.

A new brochure Berry Berry Bad Plants is now available on our Resources page or download here.


Greater Sydney Landcare Network

We are working with Greater Sydney Local Land Services, other networks and groups to create a new umbrella network which aims to provide support, leverage funding and foster the cross pollination of ideas; as well as bringing closer links between professional and volunteer Bush Regenerators. We will keep you updated as this evolves. If you are interested in being involved please contact Bev at [email protected]

Volunteer Bush Regenerators' Network and City of Ryde Bushland and Environment Advisory Committee

Through the Ryde Volunteer Bush Regenerators' Network and some lobbying we have commitment from City of Ryde to start this new advisory committee. We met with Council representatives early in May 2014 to establish the Terms of Reference for the committee. Council has now approved and selected community representatives from 9 groups including ours. The first meeting will be late July 2014. This committee aims to assist in developing a Biodiversity Plan for Ryde and to also monitor and advise on relevant issues within Ryde.

The Habitat

We continue to manage The Habitat community native plant nursery and community food garden in partnership with City of Ryde. Workshops covering worm farming, composting and food garden related have been organised for May by Council. To see some of the activities already undertaken at The Habitat see the Habitat Network Activity Photos page.

Bird survey

In March we undertook the 2nd bird survey at 7 sites around Hunter's Hill as part of the Hunter's Hill Council grant project.

1 July to 31 Dec 2013

The growth of our volunteer base, knowledge and plants continued at The Habitat community native plant nursery and community food garden in Ryde, NSW. For period 1 July 2013 to 31 Dec 2013 we had 23 regular volunteers, 19 casuals, 737 recorded visitors and we hosted 6 events. These events included an environment day with our aboriginal partners, worm farming & composting, sustainable gardening, 2 annual celebrations and a teachers networking meeting (REEN). University of Sydney is also utilising "The Habitat" for their native bee research project.

Please visit www.habitatnetwork.org for more information about The Habitat.

We have been watching local activities which may impact on the environment, as always, and have made a couple of submissions including 1 relating to the draft Brush Farm Master Plan. City of Ryde very wisely decided to withdraw this draft.

IEWF experts responded to requests for infomation and weed identification locally and from as far away as USA and Poland.

We continued to promote IEWF, Habitat Network, and RNC Alliance. Including maintaining websites for all. Our HabitatNetwork YouTube channel was also promoted. We distributed powerpoint presentations to a couple of primary schools. And at the combined high schools environment day at St Ignatius College we hosted a work station focused on discussing habitat issues to provide input for the students to include in the videos they produced on the day.

Our volunteers continued to work with representatives from Hunter's Hill Council, City of Ryde and local businesses to further habitat corridors and community gardens in these areas. This included undertaking the first of a series of bird surveys for Hunter's Hill Council to assist with their new grant project. We were pleased to welcome Max a local bird enthusiast to help us with this survey. We also introduced several local primary schools to the Birds in Backyards - Birds in Schools project.

Promotional stalls were again run at Moocooboola Festival in Hunter's Hill and at Granny Smith Festival in Ryde. Its always a pleasure to talk to new people about aspects of environmental restoration.

Our photographic resources were also made available to Macquarie University / Willoughby Council's Habitat Stepping Stones project.

1 January to 30 June 2013

The Habitat

Since The Habitat opened, the regular volunteers have undertaken seed and cutting collection, sowing and planting activities as well as composting, mulching and maintenance. Additionally we organise activities for casual visitors and volunteers, including children's art activities and habitat planting. Morning teas are great too with volunteers bringing along home-made treats. Volunteers also bring chutneys and jams to sell as a contribution towards funding The Habitat.

The Habitat is now also a base for an aboriginal group looking to run aboriginal workshops, establish food and medicinal plant gardens and youth connections between cultures and city / country. Our volunteers created a yarning area as an informal meeting space for anyone using the garden. In October 2012 and May 2013 City of Ryde ran compositing and worm farming workshops at The Habitat. And on a daily basis we promote: habitat; habitat plantings, connections and corridors; and sustainable gardens and living. Importantly we promote community and volunteering and provide information about local provenance native plants, food plants and weeds. One day The Habitat hosted 40 prospective volunteers from Meadowbank TAFE and presented an overview of our activities.

For period 19August 2012 to 30 June 2013 we achieved 2414.7 hours of volunteer time.

For period 19 August 2012 to 31 December 2013 we had 13 regular volunteers, 70 casuals and 355 recorded visitors.

For period 1 Jan 2013 to 30 June 2013 we had 18 regular volunteers, 33 casuals and 255 recorded visitors.

Local native plants and also food plants are in production with plants being sold regularly to visitors. Plants were donated to West Ryde and East Ryde Public Schools for National Tree Day, also to local bushcare groups in Ryde and Hunter's Hill. The Habitat also provided plants for Canon's corporate event. Surplus native plants are planted by volunteers to create habitat islands along Shrimpton's Creek.

Volunteer recognition awards were received for The Habitat from both City of Ryde and local Federal MP John Alexander in May 2013. The Habitat was also nominated for a Landcare Innovation Award but was not successful.

We attended the launch of and provided support for Hunter's Hill Services Community Garden and donated some food plants from The Habitat.

A Way2Go Volunteer Toolkit Training session was attended by 3 volunteers from The Habitat in June 2013.

Greenwood Park Bush Regeneration

Johnson Controls donated funds, as they have done for the previous 2 years, which were used to employ professional bush regeneration contractor National Trust to undertake invasive vine control at Greenwood Park during June.

Habitat Projects

We continued working on the Hunter's Hill small bird corridor project. Sadly at the final moment the Hunter's Hill Councillors dropped all reference to the project from the Riverglade Plan of Management. The corridor will still continue but without formal recognition. Within this corridor are a number of bushcare groups of which 2 are led by us (in partnership with Council and National Parks) - Bedlam Bushcare and Tarban Bridge Bushcare. These groups will continue to manage their areas taking into account biodiversity needs.

We were active in the River-to-River Project for the past 3 years as part of the advisory group, providing a workshop and assisting with planting activities. A River-to-River sign is now proudly displayed at the Tarban Bridge project site. This grant funded project has now been finalised as at June 2013.

Habitat Network YouTube and website

The HabitatNetwork YouTube channel now has 140+ habitat related videos - please have a look!
On the Habitat Network website we have developed plant photo and information pages. The activities photos on this site are an interesting pictorial history of our projects.

December 2012

Funds have been raised for an additional plant bench for The Habitat via a lucky draw with a Black and White limited addition photo donated by Raymond Horsey as the prize. Thank you Raymond.

November 2012

A grant of $4050 has been won through Volunteer Grants 2012 from Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. This grant will provide a 10,000 litre tank for The Habitat and more much needed equipment. Thank you Federal Government!!

Late November we supported Riding for the Disabled by doing a stall and display at their open day in Marsfield. We also took part in Riverside Girls High School activities day and lead a group of 30 year 10 students on a habitat walk. Additionally we attended a community leaders meeting organised by the Napean CMA, and attended by Landcare NSW and other prominent bushcare related groups from around Sydney.

November 2012

November 3rd - The Habitat community native plant nursery and community food garden, 251 Quarry Rd, Ryde, was opened by the Honourable Victor Dominello MP Minister for Citizenship and Communities and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and also by City of Ryde Mayor Ivan Petch. John Alexander Federal MP was also present. This was a fabulous day with members of 10 different local community groups, City of Ryde Bushcare, City of Ryde Waste and Hunter's Hill Council bushcare all putting on displays. Sausages for a free sausage sizzle were donated by the Meat Boutique.

The Habitat is now a partnership between IEWF (and our Habitat Network), City of Ryde and the local community. Volunteers and visitors are welcome every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

In November we also took part in Riverside Girls High School activities day and lead a group of 30 year 10 students on a habitat walk. Additionally we attended a community leaders meeting organised by the Hawkesbury Nepean CMA, and attended by Landcare NSW and other prominent bushcare related groups from around Sydney.

October 2012

We took part in the LaneCove Catchment Day at St Ignatius College. This was attended by 10 local schools. Mini workshops were run by ourselves. the local Councils and Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre. The event was co-ordinated by Sue Martin, Environmental Officer at St Ignatius. Well done Sue on organising a very educational and fun day for the 80+ students.

Our new resource a brochure on Brush-turkeys has been produced. Please see our resources page on this website and on the Habitat Network website.

We also ran a stall in partnership with City of Ryde Bushcare at the Granny Smith Festival in Ryde.

September 2012

The build of "The Habitat" is progressing well. The water is on. August 19th the Food garden with 5 beds was planted by a group of volunteers from the Habitat Network, Permaculture North and neighbours. The water tank is in but without a roof for collecting water. The shed is up and the frame for the glasshouse has been erected.

We are now inviting local community groups to put on displays for us at the offical opening of "The Habitat" on November 3rd. See more information on the nursery/garden page on the Habitat Network website.

Other news:
We did a talk and planting activity with Young Einstein Child Care Centre in Meadowbank. Kids do love planting and especially watering!

A poster was produced and displayed at National Landcare Conference in September 2012 entitled "Creating habitat corridors and networks in an urban area". This poster is proving to be a useful addition to our displays at Fairs, events and workshops.

We finalised an article with help of bush fire specialist Cuong Tran entitled "Habitat in your garden in a bush fire prone area - see our Resources page.

Photos were provided for Sydney Metropolitan CMA's Volunteer Coordinator Network Manual and the three Bushcare Boosters Participants Workbooks. Our materials were used by Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network Inc in a small paper they were producing. And a couple of photos are included to the Encyclopaedia of Life database.

July 2012

Another article about small bird habitat was printed in the Namoi Valley Independent newspaper (1.45 MB) .

"The Habitat" our new community native plant nursery and food garden is under construction at Santa Rosa Park, Quarry Road, Ryde, NSW. On the 9th July 2012 the chain wire fence was erected. 18th July the plumbing was commenced to connect water to the site. We are planning the official opening for 3rd November 2012 however we hope to be open to our growing community by the end of August/early September. This facility will be run in partnership with City of Ryde. See the Habitat Network website for more information.

June 2012

An article about small bird habitat was printed in the Namoi Valley Independent newspaper (905 KB) and was also printed in the Quirindi Advocate.

April 2012

As part of our small bird habitat corridor project and the Ryde and Hunter's Hill "River to River" project we partnered with Hunter's Hill Council for 2 planting days (April 15th and April 22nd) at our Tarban Creek Bridge bushcare site. As at July 2012 the plants are growing beautifully.

Regarding the Ryde Community Nursery and Garden - the Master Plan and Plan of Management for the site have now been updated clearing the way to start construction.

March 2012

See our a new information sheet posted on our Habitat Network website about Brush-turkeys in your garden.
We also have many new videos on You Tube - search for "habitatnetwork You Tube channel" or link to them from our bird and animal photos pages on the Habitat Network website. Also check out the You Tube vidoeo on the Lantana camara weed page showing details of the plant. Is this something you would like to see more of?

We were invited to attend the Sydney Royal Easter Show on the bushcare stand in The Great Aussie Backyard area to chat to people about habitat and answer questions related to habitat, weeds, native plants and bushcare. We were there April 6th, 7th, 9th and 14th.

We submitted an article for publication in the NSW Weed Society newsletter on Formosa lily, see "A Good Weed #58 Autumn 2012".

We are actively supporting the Transition Epping project.

Jan 2012

See press article on Brush turkeys in the Northern District Times.

Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority is in the process of creating new bushcare resources. We have just provided some of our Habitat Network photos (including some from our members - with permission) to aid in this project. The purpose of the current training module being developed is to encourage Bushcare volunteers to consider the goal of habitat restoration at their site, rather than focussing purely on weed removal, to discover all of the different landscape components that provide habitat and to identify those that are presently been removed from their site. Ideally it will help bushcare volunteers to come up with a more comprehensive action plan for their site. There are another two modules which relate to the big picture of bush regeneration, weed control techniques and work health and safety. The modules are being piloted by a few Councils in late February. SMCMA hope to have them available online by April.

To manage a section of the small bird habitat corridor at Huntley's Point near the Tarban Creek Bridge and Gladesville Bridge we have started a new bushcare group in partnership with Hunter's Hill Council. Thank you to the RTA for giving us access to their land. To read about this corridor please see the article linked in the 2011 News page below and published in the AABR newsletter. This new group meets at the end of Huntleys Point Road every third Wednesday 9am to 11am. There are 4 other bushcare groups which are active in this corridor. If you are interested in getting involved please send an email to [email protected].

We applied for a couple of new grants this year to focus on habitat corridors - stretching from Terry's Creek in Hornsby through Macquarie University and Shrimpton's Creek and across to the Field of Mars Reserve and the Lane Cove River. Unfortunately we were not successful.

An interesting report on the ABC about invasive weeds in Katherine Gorge, NT.

See news articles for 2011

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