Leaves and inflorescence

Alternate leaf arrangement

Lady beetle on leaf

Leaves with stalks

Inflorescence forming

Fruiting stage

Fruit at varying stages of maturity

Scientific Name

Amaranthus viridis L.


Amaranthus gracilis Desf.

Common Names

green amaranthus


tropical regions of the world




Distinguishing Characteristics

This is a vigourous annual herb up to 1m high and is found in Summer.

Stems are generally rounded, may have some ridges, and glabrous (without hairs). 

Leaves are mid to light green and deeply veined and up to 15cm long. Leaves have a long leaf stalk and have a broad base tapering to a pointed tip.

Mostly the inflorescence (group of flowers/fruit) is a dense spike, often with many branches. Flowers are small and green (sometimes with a reddish tinge). Flowers are generally radiating around the stem.

Fruit capsules are wrinkled, indehiscent (not opening to release seed when ripe), small and brown. The fruit contains smooth and glossy seeds.

Other plants easily confused with this plant

Other Amaranthus species may be confused with this plant.

Amaranthus viridis can be distinguished by its wrinkled fruit and its flower bracts being less than 1mm long and acute (pointed).

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Prepared by Justin KY Chu, July 2005

Checked by IEWF, Oct 2005

Checked by Barbara Wiecek, Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, June 2006