May be scrambling or erect

Yellow flowers can be seen above leaflets

Flower is bright yellow pea-flower

3-foliate like clover

Scientific Name

Melilotus indicus

Common Names

Hexham scent


Native of Mediterranean region



Distinguishing Characteristics

Erect or scrambling annual shrub to 60 cm high. May be smooth to sparsely hairy.

Leaves are 3-foliate (similar to clover). Leaflets are oval, up to 30 mm long and with toothed margins. Stem or petiole to the leaflets and flowers may be up to 40 mm long and are toothed where they join the main stem.

Flowers are yellow, pea-flower in shape, are on stalks carrying 10 to 60 flowers and protrude above the leaves.

Pods are 3 dimensional and ball-shaped, 2-3 mm long, wrinkled, green to brown in colour and hold 1 seed.


Sources & References

"Plantnet FloraOnline"

Prepared and checked by IEWF, January 2013

Thanks to Garry for the use of his photos.