Fourleaf allseed plants

Often found in cracks or crevices

Fourleaf allseed showing single main root

Root and stem base

Leaves opposite and appear to be in 4s

Scientific Name

Polycarpon tetraphyllum


Mollugo tetraphylla

Common Names

fourleaf allseed, four-leaved allseed






Distinguishing Characteristics

This is a small, spreading, glabrous (hairless) annual (living only 1 growth season).

Leaves are spoon-shaped and have a short slender stem. Leaves are opposite and appear to be in whorls of 4.

Flowers are white, tiny and numerous and are in loose bunches at the end of most stems. 

Fruit is a rounded capsule.

Plants may be found growing from cracks or crevices or hidden beneath other plants.

This plant is easy to remove by grabbing it firmly near the roots and pulling. As it is a prolific seeder, the pulled plant should be placed in a bag for disposal or composted.

Sources & References

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Prepared by Justin KY Chu, July 2005

Checked and updated by IEWF, February 2007