Black-berry nightshade

Ovate leaves with shallowly lobed margins

Leaves have hairy surface

Stems hairy and branched

Buds and flowers in clusters

Star shaped white flowers with yellow centre

Green immature berries

Fruit dull black or purple-black when mature 


Scientific Name

Solanum nigrum

Common Names

Black-berry nightshade





Distinguishing Characteristics

This is a spreading herb or short-lived perennial shrub to 30 cm, with hairy stems and leaves. Plant is dark green and often purple-green with broadly branching erect stems.

Leaves are oval. Margins are entire and shallowly lobed with both upper and lower leaf surfaces of the same colour green.

Inflorescences (a group of flowers) are 4-12-flowered with short stalks. Flowers are white flushed with violet, star-shaped, 5-petalled with a yellow centre.

Fruit is a succulent, globular berry, green when immature and dull black or purple-black when mature.


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Prepared by Justin KY Chu, July 2005

Checked by Bev Debrincat