Common Invasive Plants in Australia
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For every weed index below, developed through IEWF, you get 4 choices as to how to reach the weed information. If you are more comfortable with common names you can choose the common name index for the area otherwise use the scientific name index. For those of you with restricted computer resources you can choose the index without photos or if you don't care have a look at the index filled with weedy photos. If you want to just find a weed at no specific location try "Weeds in Australia" indexes. For an area developed independent to IEWF you will be linked to a site for that region.

When you have found your plant take note of the scientific name (1st part of name is genus, 2nd is species) and click here to go to Australia's Virtual Herbarium , developed by the various herbaria around Australia and DEH, to see distribution maps.

We hope you enjoy using our easy web weed lookup for assistance in weed identification!

Weeds in Australia
Common name index with photos
Common name index without photos
Scientific name index with photos
Scientific name index without photos

Australian Government
      Weeds in Australia
      Common name lookup
      Weeds of National Significance

Australian Government - Australian Weeds Committee
      Weeds Australia

African tulip tree - a killer of native bees. Bob The Bee Man website.

Australian Invasive Cacti Network
      cacti identification gallery

Charles Sturt University has some great resources to help in identification of plants.
      Visit The Virtual Herbarium and learn how to recognise the most common plant families, grasses and more.

Environmental weeds of Australia
- an interactive weed identification and information resource is available for purchase as a CDROM for $59 (ex GST and postage). Covering over 1,000 invasive plants it has detailed descriptions of major weed species, links to website information, a search engine, thousands of images and more. It has been developed by the CRC for Australian Weed Management and the Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT) at The University of Queensland. For more infomation visit CBIT.

Poison plant information links
      Australian National Botanic Gardens: illustrations of some poisonous plants
      Victorian Poisons Information Centre: Plants not friendly to children

Weed lists and tools Biosecurity Queensland.

Weed and native look alike comparisons - Hornsby Shire Council

Weeds CRC - link to archived website

A wealth of weeds information can be found on the archived Weeds CRC website. The Weeds CRC was functional from 1995-2008.



Australian Capital Territory

ACT and Southern Tablelands Weed Spotter website (Atlas of Living Australia)
ArcGIS - Comprehensive list of environmental weeds maps for the ACT.



New South Wales

Blue Mountains - Weeds

Camden - Cobbitty - common name index with photos
Camden - Cobbitty - common name index without photos
Camden - Cobbitty - scientific name index with photos
Camden - Cobbitty - scientific name index without photos

Coastal NSW - Impatiens walleriana

Department of Agriculture (NSW) - weed profiles

Great Lakes

Hornsby Shire Council - weed information

The Hunter & Central Coast Weed Management Program

North West - Weeds index - developed by Gwydir Shire Council - covers Gwydir and Inverell

NSW - PlantNet - Botanic Gardens Trust - Sydney

South Coast Weeds index - developed by J. Miles
South Coast - Impatiens sodenii

Sutherland Shire Council - weed lookup

Sydney Metropolitan - Ryde - common name index with photos
Sydney Metropolitan - Ryde - common name index without photos
Sydney Metropolitan - Ryde - scientific name index with photos
Sydney Metropolitan - Ryde - scientific name index without photos

Sydney Weeds Committees - see the Youtube videos on selected weed removal

Western NSW - Macquarie Valley & Lachlan Valley




African tulip tree - a killer of native bees. Bob The Bee Man website.

The key to Environmental Weeds of Australia, is now available for free online, courtesy of Biosecurity Queensland.

Gold Coast - environmental weeds

South East - Impatiens walleriana

Central Coast - Mackay - Impatiens walleriana

Moreton Bay - native and weed vines

University of Queensland - Gatton Campus weeds



South Australia

Trees for Life - Weed identification.




Tasmanian weeds - Gardens for Wildlife.




Angair Inc - weed posters of Anglesea



Western Australia

Environmental Weeds Action Network (EWAN)

Florabase - Kimberley weeds

Florabase - Swan weeds

Florabase - Weeds of WA

Kimberley - Environs Kimberley (EK)

South West - Impatiens sodenii