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About IEWF

Our Mission:
To facilitate and support the conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems for the benefit of the environment and the community.

Our aims:
- To educate people about invasive plants, the impact of invasive plants on the natural environment and man, and to encourage sustainable land practices.
- To develop and assist in projects aimed at conserving natural areas and restoring degraded ecosystems for the benefit of man and the environment.

IEWF, registered 19 June 2003, is based in Sydney Australia. In February 2007 we were accepted onto the Australian Government's Register of Environmental Organisations which means that donations made to us are tax deductible within Australia. In January 2007 we also became the co-ordinators of the RNC Alliance in the Pacific region and also run and manage the RNC Alliance website with the assistance of our sponsors eCorner Pty Ltd.

In October 2007 we were accepted as signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct, which commits us to ethical practice and public accountability. We have since resigned however still commit to a professional code of conduct. In keeping with this commitment our annual financial accounts and annual report are available to any member of the public on written request to IEWF, PO Box 635, Gladesville, NSW, Australia 1675.

Our Directors are Bev Debrincat, Louise Brodie and John Debrincat. Between us we have extensive expertise in bushland management, conservation, the environment and information technology. See mini CVs below.

Our principal purposes are to:
(a) protect and enhance a significant aspect of the natural environment by carrying out research into invasive plants; and
(b) facilitate and support the conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems; and
(c) create a web based invasive plant identification system which will be available to the community on the internet to assist the average non-scientist to identify weeds and obtain current information regarding weed control techniques; and
(d) provide community information and education in relation to invasive plants.

IEWF is the co-ordinator for the RNC Alliance for the Pacific region, networking local scientists and practitioners with those from overseas, see www.rncalliance.org.

For more information about possible involvement or making a donation please email us at [email protected].

All technical information published on our websites is validated by professionals from the Botanic Gardens Trust in Sydney, XID Services in USA or by the Directors of IEWF or project supervisors, as appropriate.

Follows are links to download our Constitution and policy documents:
Constitution updated 1 September 2007 (73.8 KB)
IEWF Employment Policy last updated January 2020
IEWF Policy for Protecting Children and Young People last updated January 2020
The Habitat General Work - Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment 03 October 2018

Our accounts are audited in October each year. Our Financial and Annual Reports are public documents and are available to interested parties upon request. Follows are links to download the last few year's Annual Reports also see our News page which we keep up-to-date with our activities.
Annual Report June 2019 (371 KB)
Annual Report June 2018 (710 KB)
Annual Report June 2017 (445 KB)
Annual Report June 2016 (496 KB)
Annual Report June 2015 (417 KB)
Annual Report June 2014 (355 KB)
Annual Report June 2013 (433 KB)
Annual Report June 2012 (239 KB)
Annual Report June 2011 (237 KB)
Annual Report June 2010 (330 KB)
Annual Report June 2009 (251 KB)
Annual Report June 2008 (80.1 KB)
Annual Report June 2007 (259 KB)

Mini CVs for Directors:

Bev DeBrincat is the Founder and Executive Director of IEWF now trading as Habitat Network.

Being a practical organiser, with a background in the computer industry and bushland management, Bev is able to undertake a wide range of projects. Her education and experience encompasses systems development and management, marketing, bushland management (formerly an on-ground supervisor with the National Trust). Bev is active in both city Bushcare and country Landcare.

As a landholder, in the Macleay Valley Coast (Northern Rivers CMA), for the past 30+ years she has co-managed the regeneration and restoration of her 22.92 hectare property of which 22.8 hectares are now under a Voluntary Conservation Agreement under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974. This property includes Littoral Rainforest, Coastal Wetlands and Dunes. Bev was responsible for starting the bushcare program within her local city council area by networking local volunteers and, with their assistance, obtaining grant funding.

IEWF, Bev, the volunteer network and other partners have been successful in winning and managing grants for projects such as coastal dune restoration works, bush regeneration, creek restoration, education in both Sydney and/or the mid-north coast and establishing The Habitat community native plant nursery and food garden.

Bev is on the committee of Greater Sydney Landcare Network (GSLN) and she represents GSLN and Greater Sydney care groups and volunteers including Landcare and Bushcare on the Landcare NSW Council and Executive.

Louise Brodie is a director of International Environmental Weed Foundation (IEWF) and has qualifications in agriculture and horticulture. She has held a number of senior positions during her career including having been a member of the Board of Greening Australia (NSW). Her background is in bushland restoration and vegetation management. More recently Louise has worked with funding programs which assist landowners in managing and restoring their land for biodiversity. Her work with NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water put in place agreements with landholders to manage their land for natural and cultural heritage. As a landholder on the NSW south coast, Louise carries out weed control, revegetation and habitat creation.

John Debrincat is a director of IEWF and has extensive experience in the Information Technology Industry. He is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society. John is the founder and a Director of eCorner Pty Ltd, which specialises in offering eCommerce solutions throughout Asia Pacific and which sponsors a number of websites for various environmental organisation. He has been a senior executive in a number of information technology companies for over 30 years.

John is Chairman of the Australian Computer Society Foundation. This is a non-profit organisation that has raised over $45 million dollars for scholarships since 2001, and has funded over 4000 scholarships for Information Technology students to universities in Australia and New Zealand. He is an Honorary Life Governor of Sydney University Foundation for Information Technologies. The Foundation provides guidance and advice on the issues related to Information and Communications Technology research and development. It provides linkage between industry and the university.

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