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XID Services, Inc
– Expert Identification Systems. CD based interactive key, illustrated glossary and colour images for 1,000 weeds of North America

Gartelmann Hunter Estate
- producers of fine Australian Hunter Valley wines

Links to friends of IEWF & other interesting sites:

Andean Botanical Information Systems (South America)

Australian National Botanic Gardens (Australia)

Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (Australia)

Australian Dept. of Agriculture

Australian Dept. of Environment and Water Resources - invasive species

Backyard Buddies - FNPA (Australia)

Birds in Backyards (Australia)

Carbon Farmers of Australia

Carbon Coalition (Australia)

Center for Plant Conservation (USA)

Charles Darwin Foundation,Galapagos

CSIRO Publications (Australia)

CSIRO Publishing (Australia)

Effective Pasture Cropping - Colin Seis “Winona” Gulgong NSW (Australia)

Farm news online - Australian

Florabank - Australian native seed resource

Fungibank (Australia)

Grain Research & Development Corporation (Australia)

Grants link - sponsored by Dept. of Transport a nd Regional Services (Australia)

Greening Australia

Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project (HEAR)

Invasive Species Specialist Group

Keyline - "The Challenge of Landscape" by P. A. Yeomans (Australia)

Know Your Gardens Natives (an IEWF initiative, Australia)

Landcare Australia

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research (NZ)

Master TreeGrower Program, Victoria (Australia)

Natural Sequence Farming - Peter Andrews (Australia)

Nepal-Australia Community Forestry Project

North Coast (NSW, Australia) Weeds Advisory Committee

North Coast (NSW, Australia) Weeds Newsletters

NSW Dept of Natural Resources - Native Vegetation Act

NSW Dept of Primary Industries - Weed information

PlantNet - Botanic Gardens Trust - Sydney

RNC Alliance - articles & membership - restoring natural capital (world-wide)

Rural Landholders Guide to Environmental Law in Australia (EDO)

South Coast Weeds (Australia)

Sydney Weed Committees (Australia)

Society for Ecological Restoration International Science & Policy Working Group

Soil Health

Soil Management Systems – soil testing

SWEP Analytical Labotatories – soil testing

The Global Invasive Species Programme

The International Plant Names Index

The World Conservation Union

Threatened Species (NSW, Australia)

Weeds Australia - weed identification

Weeds Australia National Weeds Strategy

Weed Management Society of South Australia

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